The company’s range of lathes covers swing diameters from 1200 mm to 2500 mm and distances between centres to suit customer requirements. Component weights of up to 100 tonnes can be accommodated.

The lathes can be configured to accommodate varied requirements including multi guide-way beds to facilitate the by-passing of steadies. All guideways are of prismatic construction.

“C” and “Y” axis capabilities are available along with various types of manual and hydraulic steadies. Multiple tool carriages and programmable steady carriages can be supplied and tailstocks can also be fully programmable.

Machines can be designed and manufactured to suit a customer’s specific requirements.

A1200/4G 14 metres

Gurutzpe A1200 4G 14 metres


Gurutzpe A1200 4G

Gurutzpe A2000 4G

Gurutzpe A2000 4G